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Double Menopause

While most people are familiar with female menopause, it is not as well known that men, too, have their own version of midlife transition and it's far more common than one might suspect. It's only recently been understood that men also suffer from hormonal changes -- often called andropause (male menopause) -- and that resources for couples struggling to cope with his-and-hers midlife changes have not been readily available.

Double Menopause is the first book to explore the phenomenon of simultaneous female and male menopauses. Dr. Cetel addresses the emotional and psychological reactions as well as the physiological changes both you and your partner may experience. Even the most solid relationship can crumble under the weight of hormonal change; Cetel offers a compassionate and reassuring survival guide for both men and women to help you regain control of your life and renew your committment to each other. Utilizing practical, effective and even fun techniques, Double Menopause offers advice on how to:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of menopause and andropause
  • Understand the myths, fantasies and realities of midlife sexuality, from both the male and female perspectives
  • Work through inevitable conflicts in your relationship
  • Ignite your "midlife love hormones"
  • Evalute the pros and cons of hormonal supplements such as DHEA and growth hormone
  • Discuss potential female and male menopause treatment options with your physician

"This is not only a very informative book, but an enjoyable read. Dr. Cetel is a great communicator. I knew a lot about perimenopausal symptoms but knew relatively little until now of the hormone-related changes a middle-aged husband would also be experiencing. Dr. Cetel gives clear, practical advice on what women and men can say and do that will ease and support the other's experience. Her 'tips' for reconnecting with your partner and achieving greater intimacy in mid-life ('hormonal harmony') are quite actionable and fun (I've tried several already with good results.) I also liked her advice for an overall healthy lifestyle. This may be the one book on male menopause your husband will want to read. I highly recommend it if you're committed to your marital relationship lasting and growing."

F.Belasco, Scarsdale, NY

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