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Welcome to Double Menopause - What To Do When Both You and Your Mate Go Through Hormonal Changes Together!

For over twenty years, I have been treating women with hormonal problems. During this time, it became evident that women were not the only gender experiencing hormonal and psychological changes - the men in their lives were, too! In conducting my own search for useful reading material to recommend to my patients and their mates, I realized there was a severe lack of literature available on the topic of andropause (male menopause) -- what I call Double Menopause.

Nancy Cetel, M.D., author While lecturing throughout the country and writing bits and pieces of useful advice for my patients and their mates, I began to formulate the concept for what would become the first book to explore the recently researched and verified phenomenon of simultaneous female and male menopauses. Though there are many books about menopause, most are written as resources solely for women. They totally neglect the subject of male midlife transition, or andropause. My patients convinced me that there was a true need for a book on andropause, and the concept for Double Menopause: What to Do When Both You and Your Mate Go Through Hormonal Changes Together was born.

Using my own extensive research and clinical experience, Double Menopause addresses the emotional and psychological reactions, as well as the physiological changes mates may experience. Even the most solid relationship can crumble under the weight of hormonal change. However, to identify the signs and symptoms of Double Menopause, couples can easily follow the practical and compassionate survival guide my book offers. This book will aid couples as they work through the hormone-driven conflicts in their relationships, and help them renew their commitment and passion for one another.


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Colon cancer is one of the most common and deadly cancers. It is both preventable and curable when found early, but devastating when discovered too late. It begins silently without any signs or symptoms, and rarely gives any warning until too late. In spite of painless, accurate and inexpensive screening tests, too many people mistakenly believe they are safe and fail to protect themselves. Read More....

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Patient Advocacy - A Step in the right Direction
By Deepak Chopra MD, Lizabeth Weiss, BA, Nancy S. Cetel, MD, Danielle Weiss, MD, Joseph B. Weiss, MD

When the average American goes to the doctor, shows up at the ER, or enters the hospital, the risks and complexities of our healthcare system strike home vividly. Besides the expense of care and the intricate tests and procedures a patient faces, there is a widely under-reported risk of medical mistakes and "adverse events," as they care called, which can range from minor to disastrous. Read the full article.....

All of Us-Doctor and Patients-Need to Face up to Healthcare Hazards
By Deepak Chopra MD, Nancy S. Cetel, MD, Danielle Weiss, MD, Joseph B. Weiss, MD

Medical mistakes are a touchy subject in the medical community. Both sides of the healthcare system fear them - patients because of their general anxiety about going to the doctor, physicians because of the looming threat of malpractice. The situation needs to be faced squarely, with candor and above all, with reliable statistics. These have varied widely over the years. While the numbers of fatalities reported annually in US hospitals has had estimates from 44,000 to 440,000, even the lower estimate is a public health catastrophe. Read the full article.....

"All midlife couples face turbulence. It is a matter of degree and preparedness that makes the difference between those who separate and those who compensate... By sharing our goals with our partner, we can make the quest for healthy longevity even more fulfilling and life enhancing. By achieving optimal living as a couple, each partner can become each other's coach and can harness the unique, irreplaceable elixir that love has to offer."

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